Mining Services

High-volume Mine Dewatering

Whitewater specializes in high-volume mine dewatering and water transfer systems. We have a team of experienced personnel that is capable of engineering and executing any project, from simple, single pump setups, to complex, multi-stage, and multi-line automated systems.


  • Rental pumps – A large selection of trailer- and skid-mounted diesel and electric horizontal pumps. We also have a wide range of electric submersible pumps.
  • Rental hoses, fish screens, valves, reelers, flow meters, fittings, and other accessories.
  • Rental generators, light towers, and heaters.
  • Fabrication of custom manifolds and fittings.
  • Engineering for pump and system layouts.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable water technicians to deploy and operate pumps and pipeline systems.
  • Field mechanics to perform routine and breakdown maintenance, thereby increasing reliability and minimizing downtime.
  • HDPE supply and fusion.
  • EDDY slurry pumps sales and rentals.
Mining Services

High-volume Mine Dewatering and Water Transfer Systems


  • Open-pit mine dewatering.
  • Underground mine dewatering.
  • Spring freshet dewatering.
  • Recirculation pumping from tailings seepage pond back into tailings storage facility.
  • Water supply from natural water sources (rivers, lakes, etc.).


  • 1
    Rental Pumps
  • 2
    Rental Hoses, Fish screens, Valves, Reelers, Flow Meters, Fittings, and other Accessories
  • 3
    Rental Generators, Light Towers, and Heaters
  • 4
    Fabrication of Custom Manifolds and Fittings
  • 5
    Engineering for Pump and System Layouts
  • 6
    Experienced and Knowledgeable Water Technicians
  • 7
    Field Mechanics
  • 8
    HDPE Supply and Fusion
  • 9
    EDDY Slurry Pumps
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